Adopting an adult dog: overcoming the fears

Published on December 26th, 2017

Lovie has been always a beloved dog who has been adopted some months ago by a wonderful family willing to give her all she needed to stay this happy.

She was already 4 1/2 (four and a half) years old when she moved to her new place with different people and dogs. Imaging how difficult could have been for her to overcome all this changes and feel secure in her new environment and, on top of that, she has never been outside of her previous house for a walk on the streets or parks.

Mirta and Juan contacted EDUCAN  because they wanted to grant Lorie with the best dog training that could offer her welfare and happiness again improving her self-confidence. So they decided to join a Cognitive-Emotional approach for that matter.

Lovie using her nose to add a positive emotional tag to her new environment


“Suerte haber encontrado a EDUCAN y por consiguiente Eliana. Gracias por todo lo recibido y estar siempre allí para contestar y ayudarme en todas mis dudas para sacar adelante a LOVIE con todos sus temores.” Mirta Amori Freire

“We are lucky to have found EDUCAN and therefore Eliana. Thanks for everything we have received and always being there to answer and help me in all my doubts to get LOVIE ahead with all her fears” Mirta Amori Freire


During the first session, Lovie was able to enter the backyard and smell all over the place freely and happily. And so they kept on using her nose to present her new things at home, the car, her leash, the collar and anything that could cause her any fear. She is now enjoying the quiet rides with her committed tutors, the house and all new places she has been discovering ever since.



We want to thank Mirta and Juan for trusting EDUCAN and offering Lovie her  access to happiness .

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