Published on October 16th, 2018

It is now official, “Your Dog Thinks And Loves You” – What No One Ever Told You About Dog Training (Dogalia 2014) is the first book by renowned dog trainer and EDUCAN Founder Carlos Alfonso Lopez that will be released for the first time in the United States.

Books about dog training allow us to understand how the author thinks and gives us an insight about his limitations and even his flaws when it comes to dog training techniques allowing its readers to make their own critique so they can advance and build their own careers in the pet industry.


Carlos Alfonso Lopez:

“After lots of work my new book has come to life and that is extremely important to me. Many of you have shown interest about its release and that makes me extremely proud. I would like to celebrate that big milestone with everyone who’s interested in obtaining a copy so we can share ideas and have a smart discussion about its content.

Dog training needs to move forward, not only due to all the new scientific research about dog behavior that is available to us but thanks to many progressive thinking dog trainers that are eager to put into practice new ways to understand and work with dogs using previously obtained knowledge on the field.”

You are cordially invited to join us this Saturday October 20th at 3160 Coral Way in Coral Gables (D.O.G. Gables), event starts at 3PM.


1. Welcome: Opening event, we will discuss about new ways to understand dog training with a fresh vision and critique about pet training in general.

2. Refreshments: What a better way to spend such a special occasion with our guests than providing a delicious treat to them.

3. “Lets talk about my book” : A group discussion with the author where he will be able to expose his ideas, goals and objectives about his book and its content.

4. Meet the author: A book release is not complete until the author signs a copy of his book to us. Lets live up to the tradition!

Please confirm your participation to this event or if you have any questions you can reach us at:

We will see you there!


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