Irma aftermaths – How to lead your dog to a Calm State. FREE WORKSHOP!

Published on October 4th, 2017

Offer your dog a life without stress or anxiety problems: RELAX BABY!

Latest natural events have caused some troubles and inconveniences for all of us, including our dogs. Some of the dogs got very nervous during the passing of Irma, and some even got anxious before, during and after the event, increasing the stress levels making them feel uncomfortable, unprotected, scared and even affecting their behaviors showing fear or aggression in some cases.  

We want you to know that you can help your dog overcome these situations and get the stress levels back to normal. And what is even more important, is that you can prevent this from happening, just by doing some fun games that can help your dog feel relaxed and manage his/her emotions before, during and after any similar event. Yes! you read it right: this is not only useful for a specific case like the one we experienced during Irma, but is fully replicable in any situation that might cause anxiety or stress to your dog.




As a way to contribute and help those that have been affected by Irma, we would like to invite you and your dog  to a free workshop where you both can learn how to relax together and help your dog eliminate the stress caused by an uncomfortable situation that can occur.


Learning to relax helps the dog to be happier while facilitating your coexistence with them, therefore… RELAX BABY!



David T. Kennedy Park



Saturday, October 28th. / 2017. At 5:00 PM

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