It all started with recall… and it ended up with a stronger bond.

Published on November 6th, 2017



How it all started:  Cognitive & Emotional Dog Training approach

By the end of May 2017 Maggie and Bernard Silverstein called us because they wanted a Dog Training to get an effective recall with their Havanese dog, Lizzie. She has been always an excellent dog, but something was not quite well when they wanted her to come.

After our free evaluation visit, we also spoke about a situation where Lizzie loved to steal papers or pens from their desk and destroy them because they were totally unable to catch her (she is a smart and very fast girl!!).

And that is how we decided to get on board this amazing Cognitive & Emotional adventure with Lizzie: teaching her a proper management of her environment while they all learned how to communicate and bond with each other. At the same time, we worked on that effective recall by getting a self motivated Lizzie, willing to come when being called by her tutors/owners, enjoying the whole process and what is even better: without the dependence of food or any other external reward; just the bond among them was all she needed to attend happily to that recall.


In the words of Maggie and Bernard:

What a difference Eliana had made in our lives, helping us with our Havanese, Lizzie. Eliana came to work with us when Lizzie was a year and a half. We hadn’t had a dog for so many years and felt we really needed to understand this puppy.

Eliana taught us how she thinks which led us to intelligent, creative ways to treat her.  She absolutely “knows” this little dog and now we do, too. Well, not the way she does, but good enough.  We call her the genius dog whisperer.

Along with her deep knowledge, Eliana has a wonderful personality: she is warm, accommodating, generous with her explanations and her time and has a lovely sense of humor.

With all our hearts, we would recommend her to instruct others how best to bond with and be happy with a pet.


Maggie and Bernie Silverstein”

image-responsive Maggie and Lizzie during the recall 🙂


The happy outcome of this Cognitive & Emotional Dog Training journey:

Currently Lizzie, Maggie and Bernard enjoy their time together and Lizzie kept on being that amazing dog we met that May but even happier to have this great communication with her tutors/owners and being able to find how to entertain herself without damaging no more pens 😉  


Because Your Dog Thinks and Loves You, and that is all you need to educate them.





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