EDUCAN and FetchMyVet: In Home services for your Dog in one place

Published on June 13th, 2019

EDUCAN and the Cognitive-Emotional training, was created in 1995 and since then, we are devoted to study, assist you and teach you how to organize the coexistence between dogs and people improving our bond while assuring a fluent communication and a happy life together.

We make this possible by developing behavioral technology for dog training and education, based on their cognitive, emotional, physical and social skills according to the latest discoveries of the behavioral sciences.

FetchMyVet was launched in 2016 by a group of healthcare professionals who sought to modernize pet care. As a result of that, FetchMyVet created a network of In Home veterinarians, that provide quality pet care geared towards keeping the animals comfortable and healthy, while keeping both the family and the anima, stress-free and educated.

In the comfort of your home

Both Companies believe in the importance of evaluating not only the problem that has the dog and that can be seen at a glance, but to go deeper and evaluate the root that can be causing that behavioral or health condition considering (1) their environment, (2) family life style and (3) surroundings that could benefit or diminish the improvement of any therapy, and most importantly (4) assuring the emotional and physical health that your dog needs.

Now you can schedule your appointment for your free training evaluation session with us, having the flexibility you need according to your activities during the week and without moving from home, just by clicking here.

We all hope to meet you and your dog soon!

… “Looking forward to meet you too! woof woof”

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