EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT: the vaccine for your dogs behavior problems

Published on June 6th, 2018

Today we know that dogs are very emotional:

Teaching them how to manage their emotions correctly is equivalent to vaccinating them against most problems related to stress, avoiding problems such as anxiety, fear or aggression.


The adequate emotional management is the way to access their happiness.


Training the EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT is the fundament of any work with all dogs that present problems of aggression, fear, stress or anxiety and an essential vaccine in puppies and young dogs to avoid the development of this type of problems.


No need to argue when we can have some fun! 🙂


In EDUCAN we are specialists in teaching your dog manage their emotions properly, in order to increase their confidence when facing situations, as well as, by taking a leading role in the process, we will improve their trust in their tutor/owner and in the training processes that will be used.


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