Free educational Workshop for you and your dog! – Awaken their intellect

Published on November 13th, 2017

D.O.G. Hotels inaugurates their new place in Aventura and gets together with EDUCAN USA offering you and your dog the opportunity to learn together and make your dog happy.


Get a smile with us 🙂


Did you know that your dog can solve tasks and complex problems? And that they can do it while they stay alone to entertain themselves or calm down?


During this workshop you will learn to induce calm in your dog eliminating their stress while you have fun together or even when your dog stays alone.  With some intellect games and tools to enrich their environment, you can tire your dog mentally while they enjoy their selves promoting their access to happiness.



Next Saturday, November 18th, we will get together at D.O.G. Aventura to have a great time.


We would love if your dog and you can join us and reserve your place for the workshop by clicking here or contacting D.O.G. Aventura directly.


“I love my new interactive toy!”



D.O.G. Aventura

2680 N.E. 188th Street
Aventura, FL 33180




November 18th 2017. The inauguration starts at 10:00AM and the FREE workshop will take place at 12:00AM

Book your place now for the workshop:


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