The street is yours again: THE QUIET RIDE

Published on July 3rd, 2017

Loose leash, happy dog

Does your dog pulls you when your walking? Going out for a leash walk is a nightmare?

At EDUCAN we want to show you how easy and fun can be a walk with your dog, for both of you.

Winning back your walks is possible

This is your chance to synchronize: so that you and your dog can walk together. Not just at the same time.

A quiet ride allow you to enjoy your dogs’ company while you both walk along relaxed. Teaching him/her not to pull the leash is the starting point. At EDUCAN we help you achieve that in a simple way and under a Cognitive and Emotional approach.

A peaceful walk is to enjoy. It is a moment beyond time for both of you. Among you.


Is there any previous requirement?


It is designed for all dogs and guides/owners that want to walk using a leash (please send us an email if you have any questions or concerns:


You don’t have to go anywhere, we visit you at your home.

Reservations and more information

Get your FREE evaluation session now! If you are interested or require more information please call us at +1 786 585 3667 or fill out the following form

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