OBEDIENCE TRAINING: no need for treats, it’s time for bonding!

Published on August 3rd, 2017

Thor and Eli having a great time together

Wouldn’t it be great to ask your dog to come over while he/she is at the dog park with friends, and getting him/her to do so? An on top of that: what if he/she does it happily, full of motivation and willing to attend your call? And even more: without the need of a treat but just as a result of your excellent bond?

We bet the answer is an absolute: YES! But you are also wondering how this is possible. EDUCAN can easily show you how to achieve this and many other obedience behaviors under a cognitive-emotional approach.

Think about it for a sec: knowing that you have this amazing relationship with your dog, why wouldn’t you use that in your training and your normal life? And with this we don’t mean that using food or toys as an instrument to teach the behaviors is not a good thing; in fact during the first stages of a dog training it is very useful to work with individual motivation. Nevertheless we cannot forget the social motivation, which should play a starring role since the very beginning and through the whole process. Only this way we can assure that you will no longer need treats or toys once you finish the training but instead, you will take advantage of your dogs’ cognitive skills and his/her wish to have fun with you while doing anything you asked for.

At EDUCAN we are willing to show you how simple and entertaining this can be for both of you.

Because your dog thinks and loves you, and that is all you need to train him/her!



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