Published on July 10th, 2017

Puppy training

Do you have a puppy and need a training? Are you concerned about the potty training of your new puppy? 

Between the second and the 7th month of age, the dogs go through some of the most important stages in their lives. It is important to foster their education in order to help them develop as a self confident and healthy dog with whom we can share quality time. If you have a puppy between 2 and 7 months old and you want to learn how to improve your coexistence, this is your training service.

You can share a great time and have tons of fun with your puppy while you learn together.

You will also learn some management exercises for a living full of pleasant experiences for both: quiet walk together; enjoy a pleasant time outside; run at the park. If this is your wish, this is your time to start training your puppy.

What do we learn my dog and I?

During the EDUCAN Puppy course we will work on an appropriate socialization, essential for a good coexistence with people and other dogs that he/she will meet along their entire life. We will prevent future common problems that could appear later such as fears or any other emotional alteration and offer your dog the right tools to manage his/her environment under the premises of the Cognitive & Emotional Training.

Educate them is not just a matter of teaching them a list of abilities as a robot, but to show them how to coexist and use all those abilities as part of their normal life with people, how to relate to them and manage their environment, because living in an apartment, house, a city, full of traffic, schedules, etc. is not an easy task for a dog!

Help them understand this world their are in and you will avoid future problems and will assure his/her access to happiness trusting you along the way, because your dog thinks and loves you.


You do not have to go anywhere, we come to your home!

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