Awaken their intellect, lulls their bad behaviors.

Published on November 20th, 2017

When their intellect awakes, we hush the bad habits.

Last Saturday, November 18th, we were at D.O.G. Aventura offering the first of many free workshops for canine education that will take place on a monthly basis there: Awaken their intellect.

Awaken their intellect has been designed to provide the dogs with tools to entreating themselves  while they develop their intelligence and get relaxed solving different and challenging cognitive games and toys,   in which they have to discover how to achieve an appetizing prize and everything under a Cognitive&Emotional approach.



And there is more: you can take the new knowledge home to enrich their environment!

Everything that the dogs and their tutors learnt  during Awaken their intellect workshop can be applied not only for their entertainment, but also allows the dogs to stay home alone without destroying anything, having tons of fun and getting tired even if they were not able to go to the park that day. They also get to be with the person they loved and trust the most as their partners for their entertainment, improving their bond and coexistence.







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