Sniffing towards happiness

Published on December 18th, 2017

Following the trail…

Following with our program of free educational workshops at D.O.G. Hotels, last Wednesday we celebrated Christmas in Aventura with “The Sense of Smell” one.

…of happiness

Using their nose in some simple exercises under a Cognitive and Emotional approach, that do not require any previos expertise from the dogs; and regardless of their breed, size or age, we can change their lives forever: we can offer them the happiness



There is nothing that improves so much the level of welfare of our dog than  including the use of their nose on a regular basis: when they are home alone, when they get overwhelmed by some situation, when they get nervous or, simply, when we want to offer them fun and exhaustion inside the house.



Thanks to all the tutors for allowing us to share this knowledge and ensure the happiness of your dogs!!

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